About Us

Mission Statement
The Grundy County Health Department accepts the primary mission of preserving, protecting and promoting the public health of the citizens of Grundy County, Illinois.

Board of Health
Comprised of 8 members, of which two must be licensed physicians and one must be a licensed dentist as mandated by law. At a minimum, Board members must ensure for the provision of (4) basic health protection programs, including Food Sanitation, Potable Water Supplies, Private Sewage Disposal and control of Communicable Disease. Members also recommend other health programs as related to a community needs assessment. This plan is referred to as the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs or IPLAN.

Statement of Philosophy
The Grundy County Health Department believes a Statement of Philosophy is essential and should convey an organizationís system. It should define the essence of the organization, guide and be visible in all endeavors, serve as an internal unifying force and as an external expression of policy.

The Grundy County Health Department believes it is far preferable to prevent disease, disability and human suffering than to attempt remediation after the fact. The department believes that education is the single most important tool it has to achieve its goals and that education should be the cornerstone of all programs and services.

Furthermore, the department believes health should be a right and not a privilege and that government has certain obligations to protect its citizens from diseases and conditions that endanger health and which require action on a collective level.

In carrying out its mission of prevention of disease and disability, promotion of health and protection of the environment, the department believes all services and benefits should be provided in ways that respect individual dignity, values and rights.

Discrimination in regard to services, or employment, based upon race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age, military service, or the existence of a mental or physical handicap or disability is prohibited and contrary to everything the department stands for. Neither should lack of financial resources be a barrier to obtaining needed health services.

The department believes it has a responsibility to provide a leadership role and cooperate with all other governmental, private and voluntary associations, groups, organizations and individuals in the development of comprehensive community based programs which maximize effectiveness, quality, accessibility, coordination and continuity.

Special programs will address the need to: prevent or minimize the effect of chronic and communicable diseases; provide community and personal health educationí incorporate accepted public health practices of epidemiology, inspections and immunizationí provide mental health and substance abuse counseling; promote services to help seniors live healthy and independent lives.

Adopted by Grundy County Board of Health 11/30/83
Reviewed and approved by BOH 8/23/89
Reviewed and approved by BOH 5/26/93
Revised and approved by BOH 2/19/03

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