Grundy County Health Department Preparedness

    Download the Grundy County Medication Screening and Consent form

Since September 11, 2001, there have been presidential directives requiring government agencies to implement an Incident Command system and train staff in All Hazards Preparedness. Emergency Response Planning has grown from a focus on Bioterrorism to an All Hazards Emergency Plan. Response to pandemic influenza, terrorist agents, nuclear disasters, as well as weather related incidents are addressed in the plan. All would present emergency situations that would require a public health response.

Contact Information:
Phil Jass
Phone: 815-941-3113

Information pertaining to Public Health Emergency Preparedness

1: To be better prepared for Emergency Situations click on the following links:

    Red Cross Terrorism Preparedness

    Citizen's Emergency Handbook

   Emergency Information located on the Grundy County Website

2: For further information on Bioterrorism visit:

    Illinois Department of Public Health's Website on Bioterrorism

Volunteer Information

Our Volunteer Coordinator is focusing on recruiting, training, and maintaining our current Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Corp, currently at 50 volunteers. Our volunteers are from all walks of life and bring a lot of experience to the table for us to utilize in our Points of Dispensing Sites (P.O.D.S.).
Our goal for the future is to have a volunteer corps of 300+ volunteers.

In case of an Emergency:

In case of an emergency, we are asking all Grundy County residents to have completed a Medication Screening and Consent form. This form would be used to determine medication type for you and your family. Please print and keep this form in a secure place. We also encourage all residents to have an Emergency Preparedness Kit in their homes.

In an emergency, you will be directed to bring this form to a Dispensing Site.

Click here for instructions on how to make your Emergency Preparedness Kit.

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